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melissajm ([personal profile] melissajm) wrote2011-11-27 04:45 pm
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There is a god of carrots, and he hates me.

Clearly, the Universe has decreed that I shall never make roasted carrot soup.

The carrot juice that I bought for the last disaster attempt, where I spilled all the lovely roasted carrots down the sink, expires on 12/11, so I decided to try again. It started off perfectly. My little roasting pan just holds 1 lb of carrot chunks, and we had just enough olive oil to coat them. I spent the next hour roasting them to a perfect golden brown.
Remembering how tippy the stick blender carafe was, I opted to use the squat, wide-bottomed mini food processor. Rather than work anywhere near the sink, I carried everything oh-so-carefully to the kitchen table. Rather than try to pour the carrots from the pan into the bowl and risk spillage, I moved each chunk over with a fork.

Then I picked up the chopping mat full of onions, and knocked all the carrots onto the floor.