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Today my husband and I went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate his 40th birthday. I "let slip" the fact that he was a Birthday Boy to our waitress. Without missing a beat, she turned to my husband and said "Congratulations! That 21st birthday's an important occasion. Where are you going after this for your first drink?"

(She got a VERY nice tip. ;))
melissajm: Cover for Between Worlds, by Melissa Mead, from Double Dragon Publishing (Default)
This includes my husband, Mike. I just got back from my sister's house. My nephew, Colden, turned 2 on the 1st, and today we had a party. Today's also my birthday, but I wasn't about to wail "The baby stole my birthday!" After all, he's 2, and I'm :mumblemumblekoff: I figured we'd get around to something eventually. No big deal.

So we went over. My sister had the house decorated with trucks and footballs and all the stuff Colden likes. She'd made 2 cakes, a basketball and a baseball. We had lunch. My niece, supreme is her position as the oldest cousin (4), and the only girl, supervised the opening of Colden's presents. :sigh: It was fun.

Then, having reached the advanced age of :mumblemumblekoff: and being worn out from the excitement, I nodded off in a living room chair. When I woke up, my mother asked me to read one of Colden's new books. Not to the kids, to her. Huh?

Nice subtle distraction, Mom. ;) Soon my sister called "Missy, could you come in here? want to show you something."
(Let me point out something here: most of my family are NOT fantasy fans)

I went into the dining room. They'd changed the decorations to stars and spangles and glittery construction paper-and-pipecleaner charms by the kids. And my wonderful Muggle family was wearing capes-and ribbons a la "Between Worlds"-in the appropriate colors!

And they'd made all my favories for dinner, plus 2 more cakes, ice cream...and there were presents. My Dad got tickets to Aida. I'd SO been wanting to see a musical...

I'm overwhelmed. But happy. ;)

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