Oct. 5th, 2009 08:39 pm
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Let's see if I can do a neater job of posting my schedule:

Fri. 10-11: Urban Fantasy
Jackie Kessler, Stella Price (M), Jessica Andersen, Melissa Mead, K.A. Laity

BOOKSIGNING (Believe it or not, this does include me.)

That Little Shop in Schenectady: where writers get their ideas
Fri 5:00 PM Bray* Mead Prellwitz (Panel with Pbray, Yay!)

Ice Cream Social Fri 8:00 PM

My Favorite Aliens & Fantasy Creatures
Sat 10:00 AM LGilliland Hand Mead Price* Drummond

Is Prudery a Good Thing? Sat 12:00 PM Angel Mead Pinto* Prellwitz
When do you draw the line where sex is concerned? Should you? Is the field better with less sex?

Reading (1/2 hour) Sat 1:00 PM Mead

Black and white v. Grey: portraying evil
Sat 2:00 Butler Mead Pinto* Paffenroth

Fantasy without Wizards
Sun 12:00 PM Mead Schwabach* Prellwitz
Can you create a fantasy work without magic spells?
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I’m back! The cold I fought off has resurfaced, and I have laryngitis. Apparently my recovery was just a reprieve. I hope I didn’t get anyone sick. I’m not all that experienced at writing con reports, but here goes:

Things seemed smaller this year-fewer panels, no Masquerade, etc-but if anything I had more fun than ever. I didn’t wear a cape (gasp!) For want of a safety pin…

Jennifer Schwabach and I got there a little later than usual. We had to go up 6 stories of garage to find a parking place. At dinner, we were saying how we were sitting at almost the same spot where we’d had dinner with Virginia Mcmorrow last year when Ginny herself showed up, looking for us. That was great. I like Ginny.

My first panel was “Characters outside the mainstream.” (Disabled, gay, older, etc.) I claimed there is no such thing as “a” mainstream, just areas of belonging or not. I’m not sure everyone shared that opinion, but we agreed that in order to write an “outsider” character it’s important to learn as much as possible and treat them with understanding and respect.

I head a great time chatting with people. I met LJers, RumorMillers...and after YEARS of trying, I finally have Terry McGarry’s autograph! ;) It had become a running joke-she was perfectly willing to sign a book for me, but I never had the book on me when we were together.

Next day was “Monsters, aliens, chimerae and hulks-creating non-human characters.” Lawrence Schoen taught me how to pronounce “chimerae” correctly. We had fun discussing how you get into the mindset of a dog, elf or demon-and why, because if you’re not using a “monster” for a reason, because of something that they bring to the character that a human can’t, the character will be just a human in disguise.

I went to 3 readings, which I enjoyed-and not because of the free candy, either! There were great panels all afternoon-I sort of forgot to eat, I was enjoying myself so much. :blush:

GOH Peter David did a reading at the Saturday Night Extravaganza that cracked everyone up, despite the deafening dance music from across the hall. I met him afterwards. He’s a nice guy, and riotously funny.

I’m still flattered and floored that they put me on “Learn from the Pros-before you repeat their newbie mistakes.” I still consider myself mostly a newbie. Many writers I admire, (some of whom may read this) pointedly told me that I’m not. Their confidence was just overwhelming. (Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.)

I ‘fessed up to the worst of my newbie mistakes, and I hope saved some new writers from those fates. Someone even told me afterwards that I made some good points!

The last panel I went to was Genre Blending, with Jenny, Ryk Spoor and a gentleman whose name I forget, but who was just as entertaining-this was a FUN panel.

I’m shocked at how relatively little I spent in the Dealers’ Room. What came over me? Maybe it was because I was too busy to spend much time there.

I’m sorry; I meant to keep this short. I know I’m leaving out people and events and fun incidents…the whole thing could take pages and pages.

It was fun. ;)


Oct. 8th, 2006 09:40 pm
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It was great! It seemed a bit scaled down and quieter than usual for some reason, but I went to some interesting panels and got to see lots of friends, and meet some new ones too.

I don't have the brains for a con report at the moment-I suspect I have a cold on top of post-con letdown-but thanks to all the great LJers I met who helped make this a really fantastic time!


Oct. 5th, 2006 06:07 pm
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My friend Jennifer Schwabach claims I turn into a "social animal" at cons, as opposed to the socially anxious introvert I typically am in the "real world."

Well, work's done until Tuesday, and Albacon starts tomorrow. Let the transformation begin! ;D
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It's almost time for Albacon! Here's my schedule.
(Officially it says "tentative," but I had no complaints):

Fri, 7:00: Creating Characters outside the mainstream.

8:00: Ice Cream Social

Sat, 10:00 AM: Monsters, Aliens, Chimerae and Hulks-Creating Sympathetic Non-Human characters.

Sun, 12:00 PM: Learn from the Pros (Before you repeat their newbie mistakes.)

That last one floors me, because I'm not a pro by SFWA standards. (yet. ;>) I've made plenty of newbie mistakes, though! ;)

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